Joy and the little girl

I’ve recently been retaking my mission of experiencing things for the first time. One of the things on my bucket list of firsts was experiencing a reiki session. Simultaneously, I had been asking the Universe to show me the path to my next teacher and mentor in all things spiritual. It’s no coincidence that I recently found a Puerto Rican reiki healer, who’s also a spiritual coach, living right here in Denver.

My first encounter with coach was pure magic. It was deep, but simple. Profound, yet transparent. I had no idea what to expect, having had no prior experience with reiki. At this point in time, I was looking to let go of old, stagnant energies as I left my job of three years and prepared to start a new one. All I knew was that I had to go in with an open mind and heart.

As it turns out, coach is so much more than a reiki healer. She’s a shaman and a master at helping people balance their chakras and at combining crystals into her healing practices. All of these things were completely new for me, so I got to kill three firsts with one stone.

May things happened during my two-hour long healing session. At the time it seemed like not much was happening, other than lots of guided visualizations and silent praying on my part. Through every step of the process, coach was there guiding me and explaining what was going on. After it was all done, coach shared the messages she had gotten from above, as well as the insight she got from looking into my chakras and into my soul.

The first message related to my second chakra and told me the little girl that I was, that still lives in me, was hiding. She was so afraid to come out and play and be seen. Hiding in a basement, coach had to go in and convince her it was okay to go outside to play. If you know chakras, you know this represents my creativity. The message I was given was that I need to nurture it. More specifically, I was told to write.

I wept.

I wept for this little girl that I have neglected. Somehow I have made her believe that she needs to stay hidden in order to be safe. I’ve told her her dreams don’t matter, her talents aren’t real. The things that bring her joy are not important.


Two of my chakras were shinning brightly. The heart chakra and my third eye are wide open and active. The problem is I’ve neglected the other ones so much, that these two are overextended. This would explain why I’ve been feeling so out of whack.


The second message I was given was about joy. I’m so comfortable living in my third eye, I forget to live in the here and now. My challenge now is to find ways to bring the joy I find in the divine into the here and now. Into this human existence.


What are the things that bring me joy?

Writing brings me joy.

Water brings me joy.

Dancing is joy.

Yoga is joy.

Trying things for the first time is joy.

Traveling is joy.

Love is joy.

Spirit is joy.

Magic is joy.

Joy and the little girl. It’s time to help her find it and keep it.


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