For the love of dressing up

I am a Halloween queen. I am. I love dressing up, putting on elaborate make up and wearing wigs. It’s the perfect time to let our imaginations run free and kick our inhibitions in the butt. While I was a little afraid of Halloween as a kid (um, hello… ghosts!), I still enjoyed dressing up.

There’s two costumes I will never, ever, forget. One year it was a Tweety bird costume, the next it was Little Lulu. I’m not talking about simply wearing a mask or a homemade costume. I’m talking legit, store-bought, full body getups. Remember, this was the 1980s, so costumes have come a long way since then, especially when it comes to the materials used. Back in the day, these costumes were made out of what can only be described as plastic bags. So there I was, wearing a plastic bag onesie and a plastic mask over my face, sweating bullets because this happened in Puerto Rico where the average temperatures for that time of year are in the mid 80s. I mean, what is this if not love? 😉


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