City of love

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that catches the eye.

Now that daylight savings time has ended, it gets dark fast and early. So when I left the office this evening at 5:30, the moon was already up and city lights were on. I was kinda stuck in traffic, driving down South Broadway, when a couple of lovers caught my eyes.

Lots of people frown at PDA, but not all PDA was created equal. There is that in-your-face, makes-your-grandma-uncomfortable, belongs-in-a-motel kind of PDA that none of us has time for. Then there’s that stolen moment of love and tenderness that can only happen when a couple thinks that no one is watching, and it’s simply magical.

These two were walking hand in hand, chatting. Looking at the sky. Sharing secrets. Telling jokes. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, but not in a dirty way. More in the way people need contact to know that they’re alive, to be reassured that the one they love is close.

There was love between these lovers. For each other and for the city. It was so real and strong, it created a world of their own. A world I was lucky enough to glimpse for a stolen moment.


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