Where is the love?

My knee hurts. Did I tell you this already? I think I did. My left knee hurts. I twisted it twice during the spring, while learning how to ride a bike, and two weeks ago I pulled one of the hamstrings on that same leg. Now my knee hurts with passion from within.

They say it starts like this in your late thirties. You know? The aches and pains that signal you’re no spring chicken, much as you like to pretend you’re as agile as you were back in your twenties. Suddenly you can’t heal as quickly or as completely as you used to. Now you get scars -visible or not- and a heating pad that follows you everywhere. You’ve officially begun your physical decline. It’s all down hill from here.


Maybe I’m old, maybe I’m not. Either way my knee really hurts, and it has been for the past two weeks. This is why I’ve decided to take a step back and let myself heal. I’m not going to continue doing the Make Fat Cry challenge for the time being. I’ll try to remain active, even if it’s just by walking or doing crunches. I’ll also keep working on increasing my water intake, but I’ll definitely slow things down on the exercise front until I know what gives.

Never fear, though. This is not the end of my 30 day challenges. Today I start a new one.

Around the time I embarked on this little journey of monthly goals, some other things were unconsciously set in motion. More of the Universe conspiring to lead us where we need to go. The challenges, the blogging, all have had some sort of ripple effect. While these ripples go by mostly unnoticed in the confusion of daily life, others make themselves immediately known.

Like the first ‘Like’ I got on my very first blog post.

Long story short, this first ‘Like’ led me to connect with my love attraction coach. (Yes, that’s a thing. Google it.) As soon as I found her I knew I had to reach out.

My coach and I have now been working together for a month. I’m sad to say, though, I hadn’t been able to focus on this as much as I want to. More mundane things like work – and exercise! – have monopolized all my attention. Until now.

I’ve given myself a task. Starting November 1st (yesterday!). I will spend 30 days finding love. In my life. Around me. At work. At the grocery store. I don’t mean romantic love – though I sure know I won’t turn it away. I mean love in any and all forms, shapes, and sizes. Just love. They say you attract what you already have, and I know there’s love in my life. The challenge is knowing how to spot it.

Will you come search with me?


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  1. Belix says:

    Yes, my friend, love is everywhere, we just need to pay more attention 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love you, Belix. Thanks for being the best of friends. 😘


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