Hairy love

Jeez! This is hard, and I’ve really been paying attention

Here we go. Post 1 of my 30 days/posts about love goes to Duke and Blue.

Few kinds of love can compete with the love that pets give us, whether it’s our pets or someone else’s. It truly is a selfless, loyal kind of love that expects nothing in return. OK, maybe some food. But even when they’re hungry and you’ve bought them food they don’t like, they still have enough energy left to show you some love.

Meet Blue, my cat. She’s going to be 17 next month, and has lived in Puerto Rico, Spain, California, and Denver. She may not have too much room in her heart for other living creatures, but she really loves her mamma.


This is my friend Duke. He’s my coworker and friend. Duke talks to me some times (to complain about his mom) and takes me out on walks. He greets me with enthusiasm every morning, and comes close if he senses I’m stressed out. He also hides behind my desk whenever there’s too many dogs in the office. Once a year, Duke turns into a lion.


I have to say I’m lucky with animals. They always seem to like me, and we often bond very quickly. I know this has a lot to do with how great animals are in general, but I like to think it has a little bit to do with me as well. I believe animals can sense a person’s energy, and if they like me that has to mean something. Right?


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