New month, new focus

Last month I had a single goal: getting into the habit of exercising. I didn’t want to think about whether or not I was losing weight, nor did I want to worry about how many calories I was ingesting. Going to the gym was stressful enough (stupid, I know), I didn’t want to add to my worries. Now that I’ve realized that no one gives a damn whether I go to the gym or not – or how slow I am on the treadmill – I can chill out and focus on useful stuff. That’s when I started thinking about GIGO.

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) in the field of computer science or information and communications technology refers to the fact that computers, since they operate by logical processes, will unquestioningly process unintended, even nonsensical, input data (“garbage in”) and produce undesired, often nonsensical, output (“garbage out”). The principle applies to other fields as well.

Thank you, Wikipedia. I totally agree. I can’t keep making all these changes if I don’t make the most important one – the way I eat! If I keep putting garbage into my body, I will never be as healthy and fit as I want to be. I also won’t see results anytime soon, and we can soon expect a total loss of motivation if it gets to the point where no tangible progress is being made at all. In light of this, I’ve decided to add Herbalife to my diet for 30 days. I know this can’t be a permanent solution, it’s definitely not. This is only what is hopefully going to kick-start my weight loss, and help me transition into a much healthier meal plan. The idea is to have a shake for breakfast and another one for dinner. I’m also hoping to make lunch as clean as I can, adding as many veggies as possible and watching my portions. I’m also cutting back to just one cup of coffee per day. If I need any caffeine after that to get me through my work day, I’ll be sipping tea instead. I tried this plan once before (except for the exercising part) and it worked. I’m hoping it will again. I started this new meal plan last Saturday, October 8th.

The second part of my challenge is mixing up my exercise routine. I want to continue doing cardio five days a week, but I also want to make sure I’m spicing things up and having a full body workout. I want to #makefatcry! Who best to help with me this than Lady Betty Rocker herself? Yesterday I enrolled in her 30-day challenge, which is absolutely FREE. The program consists of 15-minute videos that provide you with a full body workout. Every day is different, and so is the daily video. You really have to be committed, though, because each video is only available for 24 hours. I got my first video today and completed the first workout in about 20 minutes. Let me tell you, those burpees are killer! I had to do push-ups instead, but I was still able to finish the entire workout.

So that’s my plan. I’m still focused on being active. I think that is something I need to become one with, so my challenge, penalties, and rewards will focus around that. For every day I don’t make fat cry, I will donate $5 to a charity of my choosing. I will update you weekly of my progress, and hopefully you’ll help keep me accountable along the way.

I just made fat cry for 50 minutes. What did you do today?


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