Zero dark thirty

I cannot believe it’s actually been 23 days since my last post. TWENTY-THREE DAYS. As if I needed yet another reminder that time flies when you’re procrastinating. I know what you’re thinking, this girl gave up. She quit. The pressure was too much. Well, let me tell you something. It hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been perfect, but I haven’t given up. I can’t give up. This is my time and I AM going to DO THIS.

Like I said, I won’t deny it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. September had no mercy on me, my personal or my work life. I was a little overwhelmed with all these changes that have been happening in my life as of late – new promotion, newfound relationship with exercising, juggling all these normal daily responsibilities that supposedly any functioning adult should be able to handle. It was getting to me. Mercury certainly was of NO HELP with it being in retrograde and all. And, last but not least, year after year September is typically a rough month in my calendar. In the summer I’m always certain that “This year things will be different. I won’t let September win”. And BOOM! It ends up taking me by surprise and taking the wind out of me. Oh, well. Bygones. September is done and dusted.

Now that I’m back on track, I’ll do my best to quickly recap what happened during the entire 30 days.

Day 1 – Good
Day 2 – Good
Day 3 – Good
Day 4 – Good
Day 5 – BAD
Day 6 – Good
Day 7 – Good
Day 8 – Good
Day 9 – Good
Day 10 – Good
Day 11 – BAD
Day 12 – BAD
Day 13 – Good
Day 14 – Good
Day 15 – Good
Day 16 – It’s all downhill from here.
Day 17 – Nope
Day 18 – Nada
Day 19 – Zero
Day 20 – Pff!
Day 21 – A MIRACLE! Good
Day 22 – And I messed up again.
Day 23 – Nope
Day 24 – Bad
Day 25 – Bad
Day 26 – Bad
Day 27 – GOOD! Finally back on the horse.
Day 28 – Good
Day 29 – Good
Day 30 – Good

As you can see, I only met the challenge 17 out of 30 days. I could tell you that some of those days I was in a very dark place – no excuse, it was mostly of my own making, and another four I was sick. Who cares? I hate those people who always have an excuse and like to play the victim. I refuse to be that person, so I will keep my end of the bargain and pay my dues (or $65 in charitable contributions).

I’m almost there. As the world would have it, on day 24 I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens with two of my kick-ass friends and their precious babies. We walked around for like three hours (not trying to get out of my responsibilities here, seriously), and had an amazing time.




In one of those sinister ways the Universe has of making fun of me, I was approached by a member of Greenpeace, who was trying to raise money for the international organization. That’s when I donated the first $15 in connection with this challenge. I figured the Universe couldn’t have been any clearer.

My next $25 just went to help fund the 2016 Plant High Rowing Association ERG-A THON. My friend’s son is the captain of Plant High’s rowing team, and his story is one of hope, perseverance and triumph. Follow this link to read his story and help him and the team reach their fundraising goal.

My final $25 this round went to help Puerto Rican international wheelchair basketball player Jose Miguel Calderon, who lost his right arm in a recent accident. His family is hoping to raise at least $50,000 of the many more needed to cover his medical expenses and a prosthetic. I urge you to follow this link, learn more about his story, and aid him in his road to recovery.

Not all of it is lost when it comes to my challenge. I failed some days, but I’m proud of not having given up. This is the longest I’ve ever exercised, and the first time I’ve done it like I’ve meant it. Also, just between you and me, I’ve actually begun to like it. So much so, I already know what my next challenge is, and it starts as early as tomorrow. Come back then and tune in for all the details!


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