The Universe speaks loud and clear – PART TWO

And she’s definitely a WOMAN.

Back in 2010, I did the first really brave thing of my life. I sold my place, sold my car, quit my job, and moved all the way across the Atlantic to start a new life in Spain. Once it became clear I would no longer live in Puerto Rico, I decided to create a Yahoo Group and invited all my closest friends. I wanted to keep them all updated on my new adventures, without leaving anyone behind.

The Universe was already speaking back then. From the moment I started emailing the group, my friends started telling me I needed to either write a book, or turn my emails to the Yahoo Group into a book of essays. Now in 2016, I’m still emailing the group, but I’ve done nothing to turn my writing into something more.

In 2011, while looking for a summer English teaching job in Madrid, I found an unpaid internship… in a magazine! It was very brief stint, but the Universe was clearly speaking again when I managed to get my FIRST article published. Yay! After that, I transitioned into a more administrative role and sadly neglected all my writing.

Throughout the years I’ve had close friends tell me I’m wasting away my “talents” every day I go without writing. My friends CV, AV, AG, MM, TH, all remind me every now and then. My excuses range from lack of time, already spending too much of my day in front of a computer because of work, to wanting to have a more active social life rather than sitting by myself indoors. And then the Universe had to say something so badly, that it was like getting slapped in the face.

Back in June, my bosses at my accounting job hired a new woman to assist me on my biggest client accounts. She’s one of the best staff I’ve ever worked with. Ever. Guess what? She’s also a published author. BOOM! She’s got two published novels under her belt, a third one on the way, and the plot for a novella in the works. Did I mention she’s also an interior designer and a website developer? BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Alright, Universe, I get it. I’m up, I’m listening, and I’m doing something about it. You just watch and make sure to whisper in my ear some cool ideas for the book. God knows I need the inspiration


Check out my writer friend, Jennifer Wilson, and her amazing New World: Rising series.

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